/ Bachelor project

/ Visual prototyping

/ Concept development

/ Experience design

/ Sustainability

Music Festival

I was asked to assist a fellow student in brainstorming concept ideas and visually executing these concepts.

This included concepts for interesting and unique forms of user research to be carried out at festivals, with the aim of understanding the sustainable habits of festival-goers.

The final concept was a festival kit which included necessities for festival partying and overnighting, as well as a streamlined recycling process to reduce trash and littering from abandoned tents and other trash.

Many forms of unique user research methods were conceptualized.

This included several printed materials to be sent out to willing participants to fill out information in a playfully designed manner to provide data for the final concept.

Originally, a physical user research method was intended in the form of fun roleplaying postcards, voting for different answers to a survey-type question in sustainability-themed ways (such as pouring dirt in a tube to poll festival guests). This was, however, cancelled due to the Coronavirus epidemic and alternative methods were utilized.