The HELHEST name derives from the Scandinavian myth of the Helhest, an undead three-legged harbinger of death and disease.

While this concept might confuse some as a name for a design studio, it was picked to represent our work.

The concept of a harbinger of Death permeates the cultural mythology of Earth, represented through figures such as the Grim Reaper of English literature or Charon, the Ferryman of the River Styx, of the Greeks. They are known to guide the lost souls of the dead to their resting place in the afterlife.

While the subject matter may be morbid, our interpretation of the Helhest is not as a being of evil, but as a benevolent force of the afterlife.

Guiding lost souls is what we do here at HELHEST.

Forest Scene


I am DANIEL DELEURAN, the designer behind HELHEST and I am dedicated to design.

I was born in Denmark in 1997 and currently reside in Aalborg. Having been raised internationally abroad, I have cultivated a very diverse and unique perspective on not only design work, but life in general.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Design Culture from SDU Kolding, and am currently studying a Masters of Information Technology [] in Experience Design at Aalborg University.

My design work began many years before my university experience, working freelance for private individuals, local start-ups and international companies.

Experience in / Adobe / Graphic Design / Web Design